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Jenavieve. Seven tattoos. I model, take pictures, I write, I draw/paint and do almost any form of art you can think of. I suffer from severe wanderlust. I have a chaotic mind, my thoughts go in millions of directions rarely intersecting at any one point. When I do something I fucking do it. I love hard, I cry hard, when I'm sad, I'm really sad, and when I'm happy I'm practically buzzing with energy. It's impossible to lie to me, and I find it impossible to lie to others. Truth is key. I couldn't judge someone if my life depended on it. I find myself loving something about everyone I meet, or simply hating humanity altogether. When words fail me I step behind my camera, and when pictures fail me I put my feelings into my hands and draw or paint it out. I adore talking to people, so lets chat :)
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